Index of game of thrones

Summary of Game of Thrones


This is the index of game of thrones: Eddard Stark and king Robert Baratheon are friends; the king asked his friend to be his right hand and he did so. The family of Stark has a direwolf symbol, all 6 kids of him have one wolf symbol. The Issue is that the Stark family did not get along with the Lannister family (queen). Jaime is her twin brother, Lannister family have a dangerous secret that is she and her brother are incestuous. When the fourth son of Eddard saw this Jaime threw him from a tower. 

Later Eddard came to know that king Robert had a lot of children born out of wedlock, those children had grey hair same as the king. Children of the king and Cersei looked exactly the same as Jaime. Through this Eddard identified the legitimate relationship and asked her to leave the nation. So there arises a little quarrel. He got angry because the children of Cersei can’t become the next king but if he does not do anything then everything will go against the politics. 

Robert died in a suspicious manner, after his death Eddard was arrested. Eddard’s oldest son Robb is now incharge of north, he is a good commander. 

Before King Robert ruled this kingdom, it was ruled by the Targaryen family. They had the habit of marrying the brothers to their sisters to maintain the blood pure. At this time all the Targaryen’s have died except Viserys and Daenerys; Daenerys does everything that her brother likes while he does what he feels. 

Then he married her sister to Drogo who was a powerful leader. When she gets pregnant, Viserys, who is always focused on his feelings, threatens the child and the mother. Drogo grew angry and killed Viserys, and then he wanted to surprise his wife on their anniversary so he planned to kill his wife’s enemies but unfortunately he got injured. Mirri, who promised Daenerys to save her husband’s life, killed him. 

Jon Snow is not a legitimate son of Eddard. So whenever Eddard is not in the house, he will be kicked out by Catelyn. Jon gets bullied and then he gets friends and also an enemy who is unfortunately his teacher. They got involved in many civil wars in the south, but his friends made him realise that all the enemies are in the north with them.

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